Navigating Social Media Risks: Proceed with Caution

With negative publicity potentially just one viral customer post or video away, companies must become faster and better at anticipating and heading off reputational risk to retain stakeholder trust, according to The Conference Board, a global think tank focused on the future of business.

Not all businesses take a pro-active approach, however, as a staggering 58% of employees who share information about their company on social media every week, don’t understand, haven’t read, or aren’t even aware of their company’s social media policy, according to a recent survey published by Tribal Impact, a social impact training and benchmarking advisory.

To pre-empt a potential crisis prompted by an online post, it’s important to establish some common ground with your team. This normally involves creating a clear set of guidelines, or a social media policy, for your employees. Short quizzes or Q&A sessions are also useful to implement to ensure your recommendations for online behaviour are well understood.Follow this link for more on how to navigate this tricky issue: Navigating Social Media Risks: Proceed with Caution – CLH News: Caterer, Licensee and Hotelier News (

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