7 Climate Tech startups to watch

The heatwave that has just swept through the UK and Europe is yet another reminder of the urgent need for action on climate change. Innovative startups are already hard at work, tackling this complex problem from several angles, including renewable energy, decarbonization and even simple quality of life as temperatures continue to rise across the globe.

Here is a small sample of the climate tech champions we’re watching:

  • SolCold developed a nanotech-based surface material to cool structures such as buildings, cars, containers and airplanes in hot climates
  • BrainBox AI claims that its AI-based software can reduce a building’s carbon footprint by 20%-40% by making localized, real-time micro adjustments to a building’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Mighty Buildings uses advanced materials and 3D-printing to produce beautiful, sustainable, high-quality homes, with the goal of delivering carbon-neutral houses by 2028
  • LifeLabs Design, Inc. launched their CoolLife fabric, which they say can lower a wearer’s skin temperature by nearly 4 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Storelectric uses improved Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) technology to store excess energy efficiently, enabling renewables to power the grid affordably, reliably and resiliently
  • Carbon Limit transforms concrete into a CO2 sponge with green cement nanotechnology, turning roads and buildings into permanent CO2 solutions
  • Recircle says it has developed the first commercial technology to reuse rubber waste for a full range of performance applications cost effectively

According to the International Energy Agency, achieving net zero by 2050 requires “the immediate and massive deployment of all available clean and efficient energy technologies, combined with a major global push to accelerate innovation,” and by 2050, nearly half of CO2 emissions reductions will have come from technologies that right now are only at the demo or prototype phase.

Climate tech is a hot (no pun intended!) market segment with a surging number of startups, but the complicated challenge of climate change will require a variety of solutions. There is still room for new ideas, innovation and entrepreneurship in the climate tech space.

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