Let us communicate
while you innovate.

Innovative technology leaders shouldn’t have to waste valuable time worrying about crises, sidestepping political landmines, or ensuring potential investors have a clear understanding of their company’s value.

That’s our job, and we love it. 

As advisors with decades of experience, Snow Hill’s team attains a deep understanding of your company, your industry, and your situation. Based on this expertise, we confidently provide strategic advice that supports your objective and resonates with your Board, CEO, and other stakeholders. 

The Snow Hill team has helped clients raise billions of dollars by crafting compelling investment stories and working alongside bankers and other advisors. Armed with deep knowledge of the private and public markets, we support transactions from start to completion. 

Our clients entrust us to support them with their ongoing, regular disclosure, and communications obligations. We effectively manage disclosure processes, advise on best practices, and gather market feedback.

We love a quick win, but ultimately we focus on the long term. We’ve spent years cementing relationships with key journalists and influencers, so there’s no need for you to start from scratch – our team will ensure your media relations are on message and high impact.  

Snow Hill delivers sustainable storytelling. Not every corporate development is a straightforward press release and we help you decide the best way to maximise the impact of what you want to say.

We are the team that will develop your story with you and tirelessly tell that story and advocate for your business.

We deliver strategic advice that optimises communications. Our team includes former journalists who are first-class content creators – we understand the media landscape and know what angles won’t work and which ones will resonate.  By listening and understanding your vision for your company and your industry, we carefully craft your views into thought leadership. Whether it’s an op-ed, a white paper, or a blog post, we identify the right outlets to engage your key audiences and further amplify that reach through a multi-channel social media and SEO approach.

When the unexpected arises, we keep calm and act quickly, drawing on years of experience in high-profile crisis communications. Snow Hill brings deep value to our partners through our combined decades of experience supporting clients through special situations, including but not limited to litigation, M&A transactions, management succession, and shareholder disputes. 

Not only are we great in a crisis, but the more complex, the better – whether it’s a tangled transaction, balancing potentially conflicting messages for different stakeholders, or helping to synchronise competing internal priorities, we know how to ensure your messages are aligned and consistent.

In a complicated, fast-moving market, it’s easy for communications to become chaotic, but this is where Snow Hill is at our best. We work with all sorts of organisations, from dynamic startups and scaleups, established firms looking to break into capital markets, to public companies dealing with complex disclosures and reputation management. Whatever your stage of development, Snow Hill develops creative and effective communications strategies to support your business goals, tell your unique story to consumers and investors, and help coast through any complications that may arise along the way.

Snow Hill excels at the unusual and the everyday.

Capital Markets

IPO / SPO / M&A / Buyout / Delisting Support
Equity Story Transformation or Enhancement
Profile Raising for Executives, Founders, & Key Stakeholders
Regulatory Disclosures
Research & Market Intelligence

Investor Relations

Full support with Investment Community Communications
Financial & Operational Updates
Ongoing advice on Disclosure Requirements & IR Best Practices
Support in Establishing an Effective IR Department

Media Relations Strategy

Messaging, Positioning, & Story Development
Media strategy and Key Messages
Press Release Drafting & Distribution
Reporting, Monitoring, & Analytics
Media, Analyst, & Key Stakeholder Management


Thought Leadership Strategy
Opinion Articles, White Papers, Speechwriting
Corporate Website Content & Blog Posts
Social / Digital Content Strategy & Execution
Video Project Management

Executive Advisory

CEO Strategic Communications Advice
Transformation & Digitalisation Management
Event, Conference, & Campaign Management
Media, Keynote, & Investor Relations Training

ESG & Sustainability

Sustainable Development Communications
ESG Integration into Corporate Strategy
D&I & CSR Communications Development
Profile Raising for Sustainability/ESG Leaders

Special Situations

Crisis Communications 
Reputation Management
Strategic Litigation Communications
Shareholder Activism
Succession Planning & Execution

What don't we do?

There is nothing more tedious than PR for the sake of PR. At Snow Hill, we understand the differing expectations of your various stakeholders and develop strategies to ensure you engage the different audiences you need to reach. Strategies must produce tangible results. Blasting a pitch far and wide to see what sticks, or campaign ‘busywork’ for the sake of a retainer, is something we’ll always advise against. 

We won’t play the ‘yes man’ role, either. The Snow Hill team’s commitment to you as advisors and communications professionals means we draw upon previous experience and knowing when to suggest alternative strategies if your current plan won’t get you the results you need.   

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